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Business consulting that suit your needs


Taking the first step toward starting a new business can feel overwhelming and confusing with multiple uncertainties laid across the way to success. But it doesn't have to be this way. At The Mccreary Group, we offer startup consulting services to help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes and expenditures. Our business experts will provide useful insights into the future of running a business (specific to your particular context and current ideas) and create a reasonable action plan.


We have aided entrepreneurs and corporate individuals launch businesses of varying scopes and sizes spread across a myriad of industries, so you can count on us to provide useful advice that makes a difference for your organization. Our detail-oriented approach to building businesses is driven by years of research and tried-and-tested methods.  

We have a perfect track record in satisfying 100% of clients seeking startup consulting.


Whether you are a profit or non-profit organization, development coaching can unlock benefits such as improving employee performance, maintaining (or increasing) client retention rates, minimizing employee turnover, and boosting performance at work. At The Mccreary Group, we understand that technology has found its way in every sphere or our personal and practical lives by solving several problems along the way.


The case is no different for the business landscape. The Mccreary Group hopes to leverage the latest technology, innovative business tools, and well-researched paradigms to offer high-quality and professional virtual development coaching services. Development coaching can help your organization gain an edge over your competitor and attract skilled individuals to join your team.

Let The Mccreary Group help you see the forest for the trees – the big picture.


The Mccreary Group will come up with a customized leadership strategy for your organization and align it to your business strategy to yield maximum value. It is not enough to promote current employees to new and upgraded positions, you must also provide them with the leadership tools needed to positively contribute to your business culture.


At The Mccreary Group, our long-term objective in leadership development is to improve the core financial performance of your business. This result is only possible if you invest in leadership development to overcome gaps in your organization’s talent pipeline, retain high-performing employees, and improve the current skill set of team members. We believe that long-term and sustainable success is only possible through substantive leadership development.

Allow The Mccreary Group to open a new chapter in your organization’s journey!


The cost of litigation proceedings and the constant delays in court hearings is why a majority of businesses are learning towards business mediation performed by companies such as The Mccreary Group. We believe that by helping all involved parties understand each other better through having an open and honest conversation, it is possible to reach a business outcome that meets the needs of everyone wrapped in this sticky situation.


To us, business mediation is like solving a jigsaw puzzle and we are professionals at it. While mediation does not work 100% of the time, we find that our services help involved individuals understand each other better and reach a common ground in most situations. Your dispute could be over sooner than you expected if you get The Mccreary Group on the job!

Our team of qualified advisors and legal experts are by your side to help you start to finish.

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